This guy got his 23-year-old Macintosh Portable to run OS X

Tired of your sleek, slim MacBook Pro? Bored with your new Windows 8 ultrabook? Embarrassed by your big, plastic, bulky Toshiba? This hipster has the computer you need! You won’t find this on store shelves, though. He soldered every last key on the keyboard, then mapped them to the correct function, turning this 23-year-old Macintosh Portable shell into a modern, fully capable computer.

How capable, you ask? He stripped the ball from the original ball mouse, replacing it with an optical sensor and connecting it via USB. He added USB ports for external storage and peripherals, upgraded the OS from the original Mac OS 7.5 to the latest version of OS X, and added a battery from a cordless drill for portable power. Of course, the internals are everything but original. What’s really under the hood is a Toshiba NB100 netbook. Check out the video and this hipster’s blog for pictures of the build process and all the other details.


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