Why Android shouldn’t be ignored

After my piece about trying Android as my main device and quitting quickly, I thought I’d follow up with why I think Android is worth continuing to watch.

There are a few reasons that I won’t give up on Android, and may come back and try again in the future:

They’re taking lag more seriously

One of my main concerns with usability – because I want the best device – is the lag on Android. I constantly hear from hard core Android users that their device doesn’t have a lag. This just isn’t true. Someone who has used an iOS device and felt how responsive it is will go crazy using the existing Android devices out there today.

However, Google has made some changes in the latest Jelly Bean update. They’re declaring war on lag. Now, why would they declare war on lag that wasn’t there? Anybody? Galaxy Nexus fanboys?

I’ve already read quite a few reports that ‘Project Butter’ makes Android just as smooth as iOS. That’s a future we can all look forward to.

Google isn’t going to give up

Google has the best cloud services. When they want to compete with one of Apple’s iCloud features, they just do it, and they often do it better.

Google Now is a great example of this. Every time Apple pulls ahead with something, Google plays catch up, and in some cases makes an amazing showing.

Apple and Google are pushing each other. Android is growing and changing, and Google isn’t going to give up. The competition is going to make both platforms better for years to come.

They have a huge footprint already

I already mentioned that I develop for Android. I develop for a platform that I don’t want to use myself because there are millions of people who use it everyday.

Android is a massive platform already. Developers will continue to develop for it because of the market reach it has obtained. The return might not be as good as developing for iOS, but because there is a return we’ll keep seeing third party growth.

It’s the growth we’re looking for. Newer, better, well designed apps are key to enjoying a platform. Let’s all hope the Android third-party development community grows with Google.

The best today, the best tomorrow

I still develop for Android, and I will still buy new Android devices. I want the best device: the best OS, the best hardware, and the best experience. At this point that device doesn’t run Android, it runs iOS.

Overall, I think it’s clear that Android shouldn’t be ignored. They have marketshare and a company with amazing talent pushing for growth and improvement.

I’ll be watching to see where Android goes. Maybe the OS will be on my next phone.

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Joshua Howland

Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts are comparing companies and products. He’s pretty good at predicting what Apple has up its sleeves too. He loves sports and business and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland) and his blog (jkhowland.me).

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