Why are you online? 53% of you have no clue! (Study)

You know what’s funny? Up to 53% of you have no idea why you are online right now. You may have a case of IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder). Yep, that’s real.

A study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 53% of American young adults get online with no real purpose.

Well I could have told you that.

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Is the internet an addiction?

We want to think that we have something we need to do online, but it’s really just habit.

For example, just as you’re about to get off your computer and do something productive, you decide to get on facebook again.

But wait, weren’t you just there like two seconds ago?

Or are you more of a Pinterest person:

“Are you kidding me? Nobody’s pinned anything new on Pinterest yet??” (Less than 5 minutes since you last checked)

So yes, it is pretty funny (and sad) that people are so addicted to doing absolutely nothing on the internet… like watching or making cat videos.

But do you know what’s even funnier?

The fact that people are spending time to research it… and that it’s treated like breaking news on some blogs.

We know the problem. What we need is a solution.

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