Why I bought an iPad – just for iPhoto. Yes, iPhoto was the deciding factor

No, you didn’t read that backwards.

Apple just announced the iPhoto app for iOS. Some people will buy iPhoto for their iPad. I’m buying the iPad for iPhoto.

Why? iPhoto makes the iPad an even better mobile device.

Mobility is crucial for photographers. That’s why the iPhone is #1 on Flickr, why the Lytro camera is amazing, and why Eye Fi wireless SD cards are brilliant. That’s why iPhoto played a key part in my decision to get an iPad.

How iPhoto on an iPad makes photographers more efficient:

  • iPads are better for travel, especially flying. iPads smaller and easier to work with on planes, but they also save you time at security.
  • Gestures and multi-touch are key. But there’s a lot more to it than that…
  • Quickly sort through similar photos. A good photographer knows which photos to keep and which to delete. Being able to efficiently compare similar photos helps you do that very quickly.
  • SD Card full? Quickly unload photos on-the-go using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. A laptop is good, but if you’re like me, you can’t just stop and take a fiver to unload photos while shooting.
  • This also makes it easier to get photos from your DSLR to iCloud, no matter where you are (if you have 3G/4G).
  • iPhoto for iOS will be quick and responsive, because it’s perfectly tailored for the iPad. Apple knows what the iPad can handle, and won’t let iPhoto do any more than that.

For more details on the features of iPhoto for iOS, read iPhoto for iOS – the best part of Apple’s new iPad event by Josh Howland.

iPhoto is by no means the only thing I’ll do on my iPad, but it’s what I’m most excited about.

My iPad will also be used with:

Digital textbooks

Apple TV (No, I did not get a $399 HDTV just to use my $99 Apple TV. Okay, maybe I did.)

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