Why I feel like writing a love letter to Apple (by @TySpace)

I was taking a walk this weekend, just thinking about things, and it hit me: I love Apple.

And this revelation wasn’t just something simple like a sudden realization that I really enjoy using my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro, rather, it was like the floodgates of reasons I love Apple opened up in my mind.

I’ve never considered myself an Apple fanboy, and I still don’t. I use a PC for most of my corporate life, and I enjoy and appreciate the areas where a PC is superior to a Mac. But there are people who love to criticize (and dare I say, make fun of or harass) Apple customers for a litany of reasons including waiting in line obsessively for new products and “overpaying” for “inferior technology.”

Allow me to retort.

I love Apple because their products are both beautifully designed, and of top build quality. If I go to the coffee shop and whip out my Lenovo laptop, I look like a corporate schleb. If I break out my Macbook, I am using a beautiful piece of equipment. I’m not fumbling with tons of extra cords and bulky power adapters. Everything is elegant. Thank you for taking extra time to be considerate of design aesthetics, Apple.

I also love Apple because there is an unspoken kinship among users of Apple products, specifically the iPhone and iPad. I’ve owned other smartphones, but when you see someone using an Android phone, you don’t know what model it is, and it’d be hard to create a catalog of all the possible models in our minds because there are hundreds. Every Android model does different things, some very well, but there’s no consistency of experience among users, with the possible exception being the robust developer community. With the iPhone, you spot someone using an iPhone, and you know how it works. You know how they experience it. It makes the conversation of “what apps are you using” seamless because you don’t need to worry about which version of Android OS they’re using. This all creates a lubricated social experience that subtly reinforces the sense of community amongst iDevice users. Thanks Apple, for keeping the product line simple.

Finally, I love Apple because their products appeal to everyone, from power user to novice. I think it is special that I can get full utility and joy out of the same devices my parents use, even though the stuff I use my tech for is completely different than what they use their for. I love that the iPad has become a key part of the lives of my family members in helping them stay in touch with each other and me. Thank you Apple, for putting products in our homes that work, and work well.

Some people will always say bad things about Apple and will criticize Apple uber fans for being obsessive, but I feel it’s important to say once in a while “thanks” to a company that has influenced our lives in many positive ways.

Thanks Apple.

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