Why I’m excited about a Verizon iPhone and I’m not even their customer

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced last week in New York City, I was excited. Honestly more excited than I thought I would be. Even more honestly I didn’t even think I would be excited.

You see, I’m an AT&T customer. I switched over from T-Mobile in 2008 simply so that I could have the iPhone 3G in all of its plastic-backed goodness (let that be a badge of my true nerdiness.)  I’ve been happy with their service and don’t shout with the supposed masses of dropped calls and lack of coverage. I have however, heard the cries of my fellow mobile users wondering why the “greatest phone” isn’t on the “greatest network.” I’ve had friends get an Android phone on the Verizon network that they admit was cool, but nod in my direction saying, “but it’s not an iPhone.”

Today we can both rejoice. They can get the phone that the world seems to know, love, and pine after while I can get one thing: good ol’ fashioned American competition. Since January 2007 when the iPhone was announced, it has been exclusive to AT&T and thus, privy to all of their whims and restrictions. Now, don’t get my wrong. I said I liked AT&T’s coverage and reliability, not necessarily their pricing and options. I hope with Verizon now touting the iPhone, AT&T is shaking in their boots and ready to play ball.

Let’s not forget though, Verizon is certainly no discount carrier. However, in an effort to win over as many customers as possible, including AT&T defectors, I think it is safe to say they will do what they can to compete with AT&T on both pricing and options. Even though monthly service pricing for the Verizon iPhone has not been announced yet, the first shot across the bow comes from Verizon’s cannon in the form of a personal 3G hotspot. Basically, users can use their Verizon iPhone’s to wirelessly tether up to 5 devices, including laptops, iPads, etc.. Mobile internet not just on your phone, on the go.

Currently AT&T offers tethering with the iPhone, but this is limited to granting internet access to one device. A personal 3G hotspot would certainly make the Verizon iPhone more appealing to the fence sitter, especially if the pricing was even just slightly cheaper than AT&T.

There is hope for AT&T though. The personal hotspot seems to be an iPhone software update, meaning this great service could come to them as well. If both had this arrow in their quiver, there would be hope that each would begin slicing off their prices while we all watched in delight. C’mon Verizon and AT&T, let the cutting begin…

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  • Jrapada

    Yeah, I’m pretty psyched too myself about the verizon iphone 4. Although I am wondering since there are slight changes on the verizon iphone will there be zagg shield ready made for the verizon iphones?

    • http://theosmblog.com Jason

      Don’t forget, In June iPhone5 is coming out. Your buying a phone that is already nearly a year old and paying full price for it. You should really wait unless you don’t care.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AlexTeHaZn Alex Barretto

    “But its not an iphone” Definitely buddy, its not some piece of crap-DRM protected piece of shit plastic. Android is the only way to go… D34TH24PPL

    • Anonymous


    • Munkytown71

      A 2nd “amen” from me too!

    • http://theosmblog.com Jason

      Amen! Let’s pass the plate!

  • Jesse

    The iPhone on verizon will NOT be able to do voice and data at the same time (big part of multitasking for iphone). The hotspot is an option already available on many verizon phones (disabled by default just like with AT&T tethering on iphone) and you have to pay an extra monthly fee to have it enabled.

    • Munkytown71

      I wouldn’t call voice and data at the same time “multitasking.” Try doing REAL multitasking on an iphone then try it on an Android phone and see which one comes out on top.

  • Steve

    verizon rules and with apple it ,with the new 4 phone will keep ruling…..! yup.

  • Steve

    and with microsoft u dont play with the phone is going 2 blow u away….!,yup

  • James

    Yeah, too bad the phone is cdma and you can only use it in the US. Not really a good move by Verizon on that part.

  • Alldamdayboy

    LMAO i was talking to my brother yesterday who has Verizon ..i have AT&T..he’s all psyched about getting an iphone..i said look online real quick & see waht day its coming out lol knowing full well he wasnt going to be able to go online while talking to me hahaha he was like “huh..its not letting me go online” ..waht good is an iphone or any smartphone for that matter that cant multitask voice & data pffft AT&T aint perfect but GSM is teh only way to rock a smartphone!!! CDMA iphone is just lame

    • Munkytown71

      I’ve never heard anyone complain about not being able to go online while talking on their phone, no matter what carrier they are with. That’s just one of those things that companies who don’t have much to offer for the enormous fees and extra charges they stick their customers with to try to make them sound so awesome. When in reality, they still suck overall.

  • Canisdirus

    I am also a happy AT&T customer. But recently I needed to tether my iPad to my iPhone so I upgraded my data plan after the AT&T rep told me that I would be able to tether my iPhone only to find out that no matter what I was unable. I hope that AT&T will enable the personal hot spot feature asap.

  • http://theosmblog.com Jason

    I’m on a google nexus s. I like freedom. I can do what I want with my phone the way I want to do it. I already have one parent, why do I need another?

  • Matt

    AT&T sucks, I was a Verizon customer until my contract ended then I switched to AT&T just to have an iPhone, too bad I cant make calls or use the phone part bc of AT&T but other than that its awesome haha

    SO HAPPY Verizon is getting the iPhone, now I get go back to them and actually have a working phone everywhere

  • Hwfitzjr

    I am disappointed at the prices Verizon are asking from very long time customers who waited for the iPhone until they could wait no more and signed a two year contract after being told they would not have the iPhone, making it now 12 years as their customer but, at las no break for us. Oh well, I will carry on with my iTouch and simple Verizon phone for at least another two years.

    • http://www.facebook.com/benblackburn Ben Blackburn

      umm, they will always up-sell you to a higher contract!
      Just tell them you want to upgrade, and they will have an iFone in your hands before the drool can hit your shirt…