Will a Video Game Influence the 2012 Presidential Election?

Yes, the title of this blog is a question. It’s a question because MTV (Music Television) has actually made an online game that they hope will make young people excited for the next election. It’s a question because I’m wondering if it will actually work.

The game is designed a lot like Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball. I really don’t know anything about Fantasy Football because well…. It’s not interesting to me. But the new game designed after these online games is called “Fantasy Election”. The main purpose of MTV’s Fantasy Election is to get young voters to register, and ultimately, to vote for their favorite presidential candidate.

The one thing that I believe Fantasy Election has going for it is that it will be a game that can be played on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Both of these sites are used almost constantly by the younger generation who is old enough to vote. Application games on Facebook such as Farmville are always being played by a lot of teens. The game is said to debut in late summer or early fall. If you’re interested in politics and online games, you should definitely check out Fantasy Election!

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