Will The Next iPhone Charge Without Wires?

After waiting for years, we’re finally starting to see wireless electricity gain traction. Some smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, feature wireless charging.

As more smartphones include wireless charging, rumors will increasingly beg to question — Will the iPhone 5 charge wirelessly?

There’s no compelling evidence yet, but let’s investigate the possibilities.

Why Apple would add wireless charging

  • Wireless charging is useful.
  • Wireless charging is simple & easy.
  • Wireless charging contributes to clean design.

Apple will not add wireless charging just to beat competitors to it.

Apple will not add a separate wireless charging kit instead of building it directly into the product.

Why Apple would wait to add wireless charging

  • Wireless charging may increase the product size.
  • It’s not absolutely necessary yet. (Apple doesn’t think NFC is quite there yet, either)

Adding wireless charging just one year after transitioning to Lightning could cause a kerfuffle, but that wouldn’t bother Apple.

A note on rumors

As the iPhone 5 release approaches, the rumor mill will ramp up production. Rumors, by their very nature, are unreliable. When the information is reliable it’s no longer a rumor, it’s news. When we have news, we’ll let you know.

Until then, I hope these simple points can help you perform your own analysis of the rumors that will undoubtedly surface in the next few months.

[via digitimes]

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