Would you give blood for a USB drive?

Sometimes good design and clever marketing serves a good cause.

“Problem: The process of giving blood is an uncomfortable procedure that generally yields low turn outs.

I know it’s even harder for college students. We’re low on time and energy, and taking a break to donate blood isn’t high on our priority list. The designer Robert Williams said: “We asked ourselves how do you use packaging to grab a student’s attention and compel them to donate blood?”

“Solution: The idea was to give away free USB’s in blood bag packaging to anyone on campus willing to donate blood. The campaign featured eye catching packaging, that quickly helped us spread the idea that you can always make time to give.

The idea was taken a step further by including a promotional video entitled, “Blood Circulation: The Story of Where Your Blood Goes From Here.” The video’s purpose is to teach those who have concerns regarding where their donation is going. There is also a Facebook group page for the students who share their donation experience.

They used free stuff, tech, gadgets and social media. Sounds like they have college students figured out to me. Check out the project at Robert Williams site thisadjustworked.com.

Image Source: ThisAdJustWorked

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