Would You Want Your iPad Built In To Your Car?

Some people may ask, “Why would you put a perfectly good iPad into your car when you could just carry it with you everywhere (including into the car)?” I honestly don’t know…. BUT, it’s a cool idea right?! Imagine being able to FaceTime with your friends while you’re driving. Granted, you will definitely need some source of Wi-Fi to use FaceTime or many of the other iPad apps like Pandora and Google Maps but, when you do actually have a source of internet to your iPad, this would be awesome!

The guys at Soundman Car Audio came up with the idea the day the iPad 2 came out! Obviously they had plans for the new apple product before it even came out. When I watched the video, I noticed that the iPad slipped to the right out of the dashboard. I don’t know if they created the dash board so that the iPad could always be removed, but I hope that was definitely implemented into their design. Otherwise, his F-150 owns the iPad, not him. And…. That would suck.

I like how the guys at Soundman Car Audio thought of just how useful the iPad 2 would be to vehicles not to mention the entertainment it would provide to the family on long trips. It would definitely be a great thing to hook up to your speakers to watch movies or listen to Pandora Radio (which is free in the Apple Store). This was definitely a good idea but I worry the capabilities of the iPad 2 (specifically lack of internet) won’t meet the needs of entertaining the passengers.

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