XBox 720 Details Revealed?

Are you ready for some new rumors regarding Microsoft’s next-gen successor to the Xbox?

According to a document that allegedly leaked from Microsoft (and has since disappeared at the request of a law firm that happens to advise Microsoft) some details have emerged regarding their new console. In the document, the console is indeed named the Xbox 720 and is slated for release in 2013, which would be one year earlier than I’ve been expecting to see it. The price suggested is pretty surprising. With the inclusion of a new Kinect sensor, a bundle priced at $299 was discussed as well as some other interesting ideas.

Among the possibilities regarding the Xbox 720 are the addition of a Blu-Ray player and tablet integration. This document came out prior to the Microsoft Surface announcement. With that in mind, working seamless integration with the Surface and the 720 would make perfect sense for Microsoft, regardless of the legitimacy of this 52-page document. Additionally, a rather interesting concept was discussed that’s called Fortaleza. Fortaleza would be glasses for the players that give a heads-up display and virtual reality. Other notable features for the 720 are being able to access your media library through the cloud and not needing to upgrade the hardware for the system down the road. Personally, I’ll believe the “no upgrade” when I see it since that’s an accepted reality with gadgets: there’s always a newer version on the way.

It’s important to note that these are all rumors. The document has not been confirmed as legitimate and Microsoft responded to IGN’s request for a comment regarding its legitimacy with the following:

We do not comment on rumors or speculation.

Thanks, MS. How very unhelpful. Do any of these rumors get you excited? At the very least, I’m very intrigued by Fortaleza and the fantastically reasonable $299 price, provided they’re true, of course.

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