Xbox TV update: watch Netflix, control with your hands and voice

Microsoft is pushing out an impressive update to the Xbox interface, which turns the Xbox into a voice- and motion-controlled home theater. The update starts pushing out to Xbox owners on December 6. (Details after the image…)

Image source: Mashable

Control with your voice and hands

With the Microsoft Kinect, you can use hand motions to navigate through the Xbox menus, or simply use your voice to tell it what to do.

Access to online content

Search Bing, watch Netflix, or access a number of other online services.

Naturally, you have to pay for services like Netflix to access them from your Xbox.

Will it beat Apple and Google?

Apple may also be looking into voice control. Rumors have been running rampant about a voice-controlled AppleTV, with some rumors of a full-blown Apple TV set projected for release in 2012.

It’s too early to say which will be better, but Microsoft is the first to integrate voice and motion control.

Good news for Windows phone?

The AppleTV works beautifully with the iPhone. If the XBox TV update offers similar functionality, it’ll be good news for Windows phone owners. A Windows phone could even act as a remote control.

The Xbox has long been able to play DVD’s, but the addition of online content and voice and motion control gives Microsoft a head start. Will it last?

[Via: Time Techland]

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