Yes, this is a tiny humidifier. Also, it looks just like a cup of noodles…

Sometimes my very favorite gadgets that I stumble across online are not necessarily the most high-tech or flashy looking ones out there. Sometimes I love them because they’re downright hilarious. I recently came across a simple little gadget that made me chuckle called the Cup Shitsuki humidifier. It looks just like a cup of noodles! I mean, who doesn’t love a cup of noodles now and then, right?

Living in Utah the air out here is extremely dry, especially during the winter. This tiny, portable little humidifier is perfect for setting on your desk to help keep things at a more tropical level during the bitter winter days. It has an ultraviolet germicidal lamp which helps prevent bacteria growth, keeping things sanitary, and it is ultrasonic so there is no danger of burns or a fire. There are two neat little sliding stands on the bottom of the cup that you can pull out to make it more sturdy to prevent it from falling over on your desk. The humidifier will even stop automatically when the water runs out so you don’t need to keep checking the level. It can be powered either via AC adapter or USB, so it can go wherever you go.

The Cup Shitsuki humidifier is a little quirky and different from your mainstream high-tech gadgets, but that’s why I get such a kick out of it. Not only that, it is totally useful! I definitely need to get one as a new fixture on my work desk.

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