Yes, You Can Watch Domino’s Make Your Pizza On Live Webcams

It’s a good time to live in Utah. Not only is it getting Google Fiber, but now you can watch your pizza being made live at your local Domino’s if it’s ordered it from a specific Salt Lake City location. The latest marketing ploy by Domino’s installed 5 cameras so that customers could watch their pizza’s being made from dough to done.

The service is an extension of its “Domino’s Tracker” that lets you know when your pizza is being assembled, cooked and delivered. The site is available from 11am to 11pm everyday and features uncut footage for all the world to see. The idea behind the campaign is to create continued transparency so that you can see how your food is prepared and gain confidence in the company. It’s a good idea from Domino’s creative agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, though not exactly riveting. Topping Highlights anyone?

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