YoBongo: Changing the Way We Chat

Yobongo is one of those new and up-coming companies that will be making their debut presentation at the SXSW festival, an event for impendent filmmakers, music artists, and interactive technology geniuses.

This new company has created an app that is revolutionizing the way we chat. Yobongo allows you to connect to other iPhone users nearby without having to enter a chat room, find friends, or “follow” anyone. You can be connected to the conversation that is happening right around you.

Here are some things people have said:

“When I got a chance to see Yobongo in action, I liked two things immediately: its simplicity and its design. The app isn’t cluttered with buttons or options, you simply load it up and are put into a room in which you can chat with others.” – MG Seigler (TechCrunch).

“The idea of random conversations based on real-world location is compelling…”–Anthony Ha (VentureBeat)

This location-based chat business will not be the only “group texting” app business to be going to Austin this year; companies like GroupMe, textPlus, and Beluga will also be there. Though they have their differences, all of these apps have the same purpose: to keep you up-to-date with people wherever you are. Yobongo, however, is the only one that really focuses on your location.

You can download the YoBongo app from their website and is currently only for the iPhone, but I’m sure we can expect to see this company grow and expand in the future.

Source: Yobongo.com, Techcrunch.com

Image Source: blog.socialshield.com

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