You’re Guaranteed a Great Photo with This

If you’re like me, using your phone to capture a fun moment goes one of two ways:

  1. You get a photo of the action, but the one you get just doesn’t turn out, or
  2. You get a video, but then you have to watch the video every time to relive it, when you wish you just had a picture that captured everything you want to remember.

Now, with the help of an app called Vhoto, you don’t have to choose. It’s the best of both worlds.


The app, currently available for download for iOS7 and above only (and iPhone 4S or newer), lets you video through the app or allows you to import an existing video. It then analyzes the video frames for things like blur, contrast, faces, smiles, and novelty, and extracts the best still frames as photos you can then choose from.

The app allows you to share your best photos with the vhoto community using the usual hashtag system—after you’ve applied some of their optional filters, of course. You can also save the photos you like and share them on the usual platforms—Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.