You can buy a $77,000 virtual tool in this upcoming iOS game

Peter Molyneux is a video game designer, and has been behind some of the most successful video games in history – Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black & White, and Fable. He’s also got a penchant for overly ambitious (and often over exaggerated) game titles.

His latest project, Curiosity, is an iOS game with an interesting plot (and monetization strategy). The Verge reports:

The experimental game has users chip away at a cube made of 60 million smaller cubes in an attempt to uncovery a mystery at its center. Molyneux described the mystery during indie and PC games show Rezzed as “so valuable, and so life-changingly important.”

It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports. Though it’s not a dead cat, by the way.

The game will support one million players at a time, and only one will be able to unlock the mystery in the center of the cube.

The game is a ‘test about the psychology of monetization’, and will feature microtransactions to upgrade the player’s chisel. One ‘lucky’ player will be able to purchase a $77,000 Diamond Pickaxe that is 100,000 times more powerful than a regular chisel.

Molyneux is also excited to see how the participant who finds the inner mystery of the cube announces and shares it.

How will this person prove it? That in itself becomes a fascinating aspect of this experiment.

The game will be released for iOS, Android, and PC on August 22. Will you take part in the experiment?

Caleb Hicks

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