You Control These AA Batteries With Your Smartphone [VIDEO]

AA batteries, for all the things they power in our lives, have remained relatively unchanged over the years. Sure, their power capacity may have increased a bit, but nothing Earth-shatteringly innovative has come in the AA battery space.

A Kickstarter campaign for a new battery called the “Batthead” is hoping to change that, however.

Batthead’s creators hope to create  a AA battery with a Bluetooth smart chipinside that would allow users to control the power flow from the battery to their devices with a smartphone. That means one could do everything from power a flashlight off and on using a phone to silencing a toy that is making noise when they are making a phone call.

As of now, the Batthead batteries would be NiMH-style recharagables, and would be compatible with all iOS devices. Full details, including some geeky engineering specs about how the technology works can be found over on the Batthead Kickstarter page, but for a contribution of as little as $19 Canadian dollars, users could get a pair of these futuristic batteries in their hands when they start being produced as early as next year.


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