You Decide! Who deserves a free ZAGGsparq? (Plus, enter to win one just by voting!)

And the winners are…

(Note to winners: We will contact you individually about shipping your prizes. Please do not call customer service)

  1. @charlieraf
  2. @bbh6496
  3. @cuteculturechic
  4. Tanner Hougen
  5. Tyler Starkenburg
  6. @the_cooler
  7. Josh Wright
  8. @OmegaNemesis28
  9. Briar Lee Schlegel
  10. Kurt Blais

The 2 voter winners will be emailed.

We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans to tell us why they need a free ZAGGsparq. We witnessed an overwhelming response and we have narrowed it down to 10 candidates.  Now it’s up to you! Scroll through the images below and decide which one is worthy of your vote.

The two candidates that get the most votes will get a free ZAGGsparq! Additionally, third and fourth place will get a $50 eGift Card, fifth and sixth place will get a $25 eGift Card, and seventh through tenth place will get free ZAGGfoam and ZAGGwipes. Lastly, just for voting, you’ll be entered to win a ZAGGsparq. Two voters will be randomly selected to win a free ZAGGsparq.

Here are the nominees! The poll to vote is at the bottom of the page! Voting ends on Friday, May 27th at noon EDT!


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  • Wade Fallin

    Charlieraf gets my vote! Thanks Charlie for your service!

    • FFNate

      That’s exactly right. I would say he is the only one on that list that is deserving. Thanks for your service brother…

      • Anonymous

        Wow. An unknown entity on the Internet is more deserving than anyone else on the Internet? And you know this how?

  • Rajesh

    Zagg products are value for money… I am using zagg sking + zagg buds and both are really nice.

  • Heike Lewallen


  • Chrissue2000

    On my IPOD

  • Chrissue2000

    Tyler ROCKS

  • Jenifary

    I sure hope @CharlieRaf wins!! Our soldiers should have everything they need and/or want to make them feel more at home in a hostile environment!! Respect to the troops! :)

  • Valrena

    With all that they do to keep us safe our service men should be given anything they can to make their lives a little happier. Charlieraf you have my vote and god bless you.

  • Anonymous

    What makes you fools think charlieraf really serves in the military? For all we know, he just came up with that reason out of the blue. Not hatin on the dude. Just keepin it honest.

    • WadeFallin


      1. You don’t know me so what gives you the right to call me a “fool”?

      2. You wouldn’t do such a thing because you have friends that would call you out if you did, and I am sure the same holds true for Charlie.

      3. The men and women who serve in the Armed Forces deserve much more credit than you seem willing to give. Serve one week in their boots and you too will think differently. And before you think I should do the same, I’ve already done my 20 and loved every day!

    • Charlieraf

      I understand your scepticism but I have server just under 8yrs so far and have deployed to Iraq 4 times and Afghanistan once I am a proudly serving member of the uk forces and a proud idevice user.
      Thank you wade for your comments

      Thank you everyone who voted for me I will use the sparq wisely :)

  • Diane Redcay

     Charlieraf you have my vote

  • Wade Fallin

    I have for a long time been able to access Netflix via my laptop’s internet connection, but watching movies on a 13″ screen isn’t much fun, so I never used it much. However, i have just recently purchased all new home entertainment equipment to be able to watch and enjoy HDTV media content and pull HD content from the internet. I can now access Netflix via my laptop as before, my WiFi enabled Vizio BluRay Disk player, my Nintendo Wii game console, and my XBOX 360 w/Kinect game console. By far, the laptop provides the easiest to use over all the other remote based methods as it uses a mouse that I just point and click. The Vizio provides the best HD quality over the laptop and game console outputs, partly due to the Vizio Dual Band HD Router I also replaced as part of the upgrades.

    • Wade Fallin

      The above was in reply to the “How Do You Watch Netflix?” question above. Please disregard here. Would remove if I had the time…

      BTW, Charlie, best of luck on the upcoming deployment. Keep your wits about your surroundings, your head on a swivel, and you eyes wide open!

  • Kelly

    Good luck!

  • Charlieraf

    Thank you to everyone who voted for me :)

  • Tanner

    Thank you to everyone that voted me too, hope Zagg contacts me soon :)

    • Drew Conrad

      Tanner – We have sent you directions on claiming your prize to your Facebook inbox.