Your Cup Could Be The Healthiest Choice You’ve Ever Made

Unless you are drinking a can or bottle of soda, it is difficult to notice how many calories or sugars we consume through liquids each day. With any diet or health plan, unknown calories can really hinder your progression, this is where the product Vessyl comes in; Vessyl, a product by Mark One, is the first cup that will actually tell you what your drinking (like you don’t already know) but it will also breakdown you beverage and present them to you so you can make healthier decision.

Vessyl can tell you anything from calories to caffeine amount in a drink, it can also tell the difference between a Coke and a Pepsi. One of the other main features of this product is hydration tracking; your cup will show you how much you have drank that day and prompt you to drink more if necessary. Another outstanding aspect of Vessyl is its cutting edge design that was put together by the famous designer Yves Behar, who has worked with many innovative companies.

The Vessyl is not currently for sale but you can preorder your cup for $99, that is $100 cheaper than if you wait for it to hit the stores. The Mark One company has taken a very interesting approach to crowd funding this project by stepping away from social platforms like Kickstarter and they are actually using the money raised in preorders to fund this innovation.  To learn more about The Vessyl click here.

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