Your iPad mini might be delayed: 3,600 stolen in $1.5M heist

Building 261 at JFK

Last night just before midnight, that building at JFK International Airport in New York was the scene of a well-planned heist that might have you fighting mad if you ordered an iPad mini. You see, thieves made off with 3,600 of them – two shipping pallets full – under the cover of darkness. They pulled up in a semi truck and used the airport’s own forklift to load the pallets into the truck. The New York Post says there were three more pallets they left behind because an airport worker finally showed up.

You can read the full story, here.

So, more importantly, how do you find out if yours was stolen? Check your current shipping status via FedEx. When I looked, it said mine was flown in from China directly to Memphis, TN, so luckily I’m safe. Other shipments were routed through California and New York. If yours is stolen, let us know. Tweet me: @mbchp.


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[Img: Google Maps]

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