Your Next iPhone May be Waterproof

One of the trends at CES this year was waterproofing films that look to make a splash this year in mobile consumer gadgets like phones and MP3 players.

HZO got the most buzz after releasing this video:

HZO is a spray, that when applied, creates a thin waterproof film to block water from affecting the electronic panels beneath it. It is nearly undetectable, and does not add bulk or inconveniences to the phone design. It can also be used directly on electronic boards and components within the phone so that water that enters the device doesn’t damage the internals.

It appears that the spray-on water blocking solution will be available to consumers for older gadgets, but the biggest changes may be seen when gadget manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and HTC start to include the waterproof coatings on all of their handhelds.

Gigaom reports that HZO has been presented to the higher-ups at Apple and Samsung, and both are excited to use the waterproofing tech in future products.

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Source: Gigaom

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