Your Package Arrives In 30 Minutes With Amazon’s Prime Drone Delivery

Amazon PrimeAir

We all love Amazon.  They’ve got everything, the prices are great, and the number of reviews that most of the products have really helps me in decision making.  I’ve been a loyal customer for years and am a proud Prime Member.  Imagine my excitement at the news that the team is working on “Amazon PrimeAir,” a drone delivery system that would get an item to your door within 30 minutes.  And we thought they couldn’t get any cooler!

Check out the video of their recent test run:

The whole project is still in the works and obviously there are going to be many kinks to work out in the whole process, but this is awesome.  On the page introducing the project Amazon explains that an FAA decision regarding unmanned aerial vehicles is the main thing holding them back at this point.  They believe that by 2015 the FAA will have them cleared, they will be ready to “launch” the service, and we will soon become as accustomed to Amazon PrimeAir Drones in the sky as we are to FedEx delivery trucks.

The future is here my friends.

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  • phill

    This is a horrible idea … besides the number of people it will put out of work, which may be inevitable, living in a major metro area with hundreds of drones buzzing overhead delivering thousands of amazon products will be horrible. Think about it, one package per drone and thousands of packages each day means thousands and thousands of drones constantly flying over head.

    • Lizzie Robinson

      I imagine that the service itself will be costly enough for most people to choose the cheaper ground delivery. And who knows, maybe it will progress into a single drone being capable of delivering multiple packages. I do agree with you though. There are several kinks to work out.