Announcement – Here are the #ZAGGContest Winners

Last week we launched #ZAGGContest – we asked you to post a screenshot of your phone’s home screen and we’d choose two winners to each receive a pair of our ZAGG ZR-LE Deluxe Headphones.

But we ran into a small problem: we liked more than just two of the entries. Solution? We decided to add one more winner. This is no April Fool’s Day prank my friends, there are indeed THREE winners. (You can browse all the submissions on Twitter here.)

And now, without further ado, the results are in!

Skylar – @haglersp – iPhone 5 with Custom Theme

This is about as far from the standard iPhone look as it gets. If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, the possibilities for customization are endless. I like the clean look of Skylar’s home screen, as well as the functionality he’s added. The most important things are front and center and the clutter is kept to a minimum. The best of both form and function.

iPhone 5 with custom theme

Tammy – @TammyKayz

Duck Dynasty fans will appreciate Tammy’s home screen. Even if you’re not familiar with the hit TV show, you’ll still appreciate the clean, simplistic home screen free of clutter. I’m guessing from the layout of her folders and icons that Tammy is right-handed and this layout makes it easy for her to use her phone with one hand.

Andrew – @andrew_williams

Last but not least, Andrew’s customized iPhone 5. The circular ring of apps n the middle give it a unique look that you can only get with a custom theme.

To our three winners:

Since all three of you are on Twitter, please DM me your shipping info (@mbchp) and your preference of color for your headphones (bamboo or ebony). We’ll get these shipped out to you this week.

Thanks, all!


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