ZAGG Employee Uses Movember Mustache To Nab A Deer (And Still Makes It To Work On Time)

Every so often, we take opportunity to highlight the ferocious exploits of ZAGG’s internet team members. Nothing quite matches this.

Kollin Killian woke up this morning on the last day of hunting season and the existence of his magnificently creepy Movember mustache. With obviously limited time to act, he grabbed his hunting bow, ventured out into the wild, and shot one before coming into work.

Kollin Killian And His Deer

Kollin wouldn’t reveal the exact nature of the encounter that took place between himself and the deer, but I’m pretty sure this is exactly what happened:


(Kollin spots the deer using his Movember-empowered eagle-grade eyesight)

(Deer is oblivious)

(Kollin creeps toward the deer using his Movember-enabled lightfoot stealth powers)

(Deer is still oblivious)

(Kollin gets close enough to kill the deer by decapitating it with his arrow, but the Movember code of honor constrains him)

(Deer is ridiculously oblivious)

(Kollin reveals himself to the deer in a blaze of pyrotechnics, as fire shoots out from his mustache in flaming glory)

(Deer is paralyzed by the majesty of the mustache)

(Kollin engages the deer in deep philosophical discussion about universal purpose and infinite regress before the deer finally takes Kollin’s bow and ends its own life)

I picture a made-for-TV movie in Kollin’s future.