#ZAGG30 Instagram Contest Winners & Runners Up

We have had a blast so far seeing all the great ideas you have come up with and posted to #ZAGG30 on Instagram.  The contest features a new theme each day. Participants enter the contest by posting a photo to Instagram that incorporates the given day’s theme and by including #ZAGG30 in the photo caption. The most creative photo posted each day wins the prize for the day. A second winner each day will be entered to win a $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card that will be awarded to one person at the conclusion of the contest. Below are the first 5 Day winners and runners up. Keep them coming!

Day 1 Winner Made in USA - florez_01

Day 1 Runner Up - Made in USA - lareau67

Day 2 Winner iPhone Line - amekelley

Day 2 Runner Up iPhone Line - janettwokay

Day 3 Winner Stars - dervanis

Day 3 Runner Up Stars - soccer_nsa

Day 4 Winner Wireless - cloud_5_

Day 4 Runner Up Wireless - jamminsport16

Day 5 Winner Home Screen - c0ry1ng

Day 5 Runner Up Home Screen - charyld1522

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