ZAGGfolio Blogging – For what it’s worth.

I never know what the line is on posting about ZAGG products, I don’t want to seem like I only promote the products because I am writing on the blog, so I’m cautious.

I rely heavily on my laptop.
I write quite a few posts for ZAGGblog each week. I tend to write in 1-2 hour blocks, spending time searching and gathering content to share, then drafting, writing, and editing the articles. When I first started, the process took place entirely on my computer. I use Google Reader, Twitter Lists, and recommended links on Facebook to find content that I think you guys will enjoy reading. I save the best articles, and once I have some time, I sit down and draft, write, and edit the articles in a mono-type text editor.

But then my computer was worthless for writing.
A few weeks ago, I was playing with the permissions on my computer (don’t do this at home) and accidentally gave write permission to a hidden folder on my Mac. It broke almost everything. The worst thing it broke was fonts – couldn’t add custom fonts, and most fonts wouldn’t even display on the screen.

I had to reformat my computer, but I also had a publishing deadline.

Luckily enough, I had my ZAGGfolio.
I started the reformat process on my laptop and sat back and started working on my iPad. Going through Google Reader, Twitter Lists, and Facebook links was easier than ever using Flipboard. Drafting was simple, and editing was almost fun.

Touchscreen typing on the iPad isn’t easy, and if you’re writing 2000-3500 words, it’s unacceptable. The ZAGGfolio makes typing on the iPad acceptable.

Last week, ZAGGfolio allowed me to meet my blog deadline when my computer was down. I had never used it before. You can take it for what it’s worth: I will probably use it again often.

Image Source: Taro Matsumura

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