ZAGGfolio Now Available for Immediate Purchase [Giveaway]

As of today the ZAGGfolio, our new iPad folio, is off pre-order and is ready for immediate purchase. For more details on the ZAGGfolio, click HERE. If you pre ordered, we’ll be shipping to you soon.

We are celebrating this historic event with a giveaway! We’re giving away 10 $100 eGift Cards. To enter:

  1. Go to the ZAGGfolio page on
  2. Click the Facebook ‘Like’ button
  3. Click the +1 button
  4. Enter your email address at the bottom of this post (We will only use your email address to contact winners)

That’s it! When we get 2,000 ‘Likes’ and 2,000 +1s, we’ll randomly select 10 people and send them a $100 eGift Card.

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