ZAGGkeys PROplus Review: “The typing experience is outstanding”

ZAGGkeys PROplus, our ultra-thin iPad keyboard case, got an in-depth review by Here are some highlights:

There are several keyboard solutions for the iPad but the PROplus is probably the best on-the-go keyboard. The backlit keys make writing on it so much easier and I don’t want to miss that feature ever again. The case is also a perfect screen protector so that you don’t need to carry around any other protection accessories.

The typing experience is outstanding. The island-style keys have a good grip and are not too small. Writing on the PROplus almost feels like on a laptop and the typing speed is comparable to one, too.

The battery life is very satisfying. I have used the PROplus quite often over the past weeks and the battery indicator tells me that it is still over 50%. According to the manual, a recharge takes 2-4 hours, which is completely acceptable.

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