ZAGGsparq Review

Full disclosure: While I am an independent tech blogger for ZAGG, they did give me some of their products to try, not requiring a review at all, but could choose to if we wished.

I wished.

When I first got the ZAGGsparq, it was one of those products you initially aren’t sure if you will use. However, now that it is in my mental quiver of tech gadgets, I’m excited for the possibilities it holds in helping better my tech-nerd life.

If you aren’t familiar with the ZAGGsparq, you are in for a treat. The device is a small, black rounded box with a built in electrical plug and two USB ports. The idea is that when you are on the go, and your USB powered devices deplete themselves faster than you would enjoy, the ZAGGsparq acts as a portable charging station for up to two devices. Instead of a whole rehash of the specs, you can learn more about it here.

My first use with the ZAGGsparq was a weekend trip to Southern Utah to visit the in-laws. I’m a person that loves to utilize his time, so a 3 hour driving trip screams potential productivity. My quickly dying MacBook Pro battery however doesn’t agree. I had a lot of posts for the ZAGG blog I wanted to write, but wasn’t sure if my battery would last that long. I then had the (in my humble opinion) genius idea of using my iPhone as my word processor while pairing my wife’s iMac bluetooth keyboard with it for intense typing effectiveness. However, even though my iPhone 4 is a little over 6 months old, having 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and playing my music in the background while I typed is sure to put a strain on the battery for that duration.

Enter ZAGGsparq. Boasting of 4 full iPhone charges per charge of the device itself, I was able to rely on it for any long or short term charges I needed on the road. A simple plugin of my iPhone’s USB cord to the ZAGGsparq and it began charging effectively, putting me at ease.

Other benefit? No need to carry around another USB wall charger. When we stay at the said in-laws, I don’t want to bring my Apple USB charger as it is hidden deep underneath the bowels of my bed in the wall socket, its only evidence of existence being the USB cord that is plugged into it. I usually find myself charging my iPhone from my MacBook Pro, which is a pain as you need to open the screen plug the phone and cord in, then close the lid again in order for it to begin charging. With the ZAGGsparq, not only do I have a portable refresh battery wherever I go, but a great wall adaptor as well. I keep the Sparq in my traveling duffle bag just to make sure I don’t forget it for those long stretches of powerless highway.

Any bias aside, I really think it is a great product.

The ZAGG Sparq 2.0 retails for $99.99 and is available at

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